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American Hospital


American Hospital Vehbi Koç Foundation, non- profit body is a private health institution.


Doctors, nurses and health professionals, owned diagnostic and treatment technologies, which provide the administrative system and process quality of patient care 92 years lived by Vehbi in North American standard Koç Foundation American Hospital, our country plays a key role in the development of the health sector.


Ethical approach and created a sense of trust with doctors , nurses, has gained respectability in the eyes of all health-care workers and patients.







Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery


Esthetic surgeries account for the largest portion of surgeries performed by our department. Our doctors stay update on surgery techniques by attending reputable congresses organized abroad or in Turkey led by the American Esthetics Plastic Surgery Congress as listener or speaker. Facial esthetic rinoplasty is the most frequently performed surgery. This is followed by eye lid lift, forehead/brows lift and face lifting surgery. Breast surgery is classified in three groups consisting of breast enlargement, breast reduction and breast lifting.

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