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Dental Health

3BHealth Dental Clinics

Our Dental Centres provide quality preventative dental care and treatment in a comfortable and friendly environment.Our dental clinics includes all kinds of dental treatments such as implants, bridges,crowns,fillings,root canal treatment, braces ,scale and polish

 Dental Implants

Dental implants serve as replacements for the roots of teeth. Similar to the roots of teeth, dental implants are fastened securely into the patient’s jawbone. Once these implants have been surgically inserted, they are unable to be seen, like the root of a tooth is unseen. The purpose of implants is to secure dentures and bridgework. They are fused directly to the bone of the jaw and very commonly provide solid anchoring posts for crowns to be installed upon. Crowns are the non-root parts of teeth that can be seen.

Endodontics And Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatments are certainly not the only procedures that make up the field of endodontics. Root canals are the most common procedure performed within the field, but there’s a lot more possibilities to consider. For example, your endodontist may regularly:

  • Diagnose and treat a variety of oral pain sources located in the periapical and/or pupal areas of the teeth;
  • Provide vital pulp therapies including pulpotomy, pulp capping and more;
  • Provide non-surgical root canal treatments;
  • Filling root canals with 3D fillers;
  • Perform surgeries to remove bone pathology;
  • Replanting teeth;
  • Performing hemisections;
  • and various other related tasks

 Our dental Implant prices starts from  350 €

Porcelain Crown

Having porcelain crowns installed over cracked, broken, chipped or otherwise damaged teeth restores their function and integrity – and also restores the confident smile of the patient. High-grade dental porcelain is able to be molded meticulously in order to custom match the shape and color of the tooth that is being crowned. Strength is returned, resilience is increased and the resistance to disease and decay are significantly enhanced.

A porcelain dental crown effectively replaces the entire visible portion of a tooth. It’s notable that the crown can be manufactured to present more aesthetic value than did the tooth it covers. These crowns are attractive options for various cosmetic or necessary dental procedures. Of course, you should consult with your dental professional to find out if porcelain crowns are the best option for your particular dental scenario.


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