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Today you can continue to be treated in many places with high technology, experienced doctors and clinics. However, everyday information is being developed and treatment for cancer is changing constantly which opens to speculation, more than one medical discipline is to contribute to the diagnosis and treatment of your illness, they will pay greater importance to you and your relatives wishes, feelings and concerns in meeting your expectations for a different care and treatment. This treatment is also different for each patient and specific to each person. To inform the diagnosis and treatment of each step, the natural course of the treatment, explanation of treatment options and possible unexpected complications, the decisions must be joint,if needed help at home and information sharing, to prevent members of the group from losing their attention, to prevent the increase in negligence, there should be quick maintenance reflexes and have reachable information however, a systematic method can be provided with a continuous co-ordination. This integrated system enables the right care and treatment for the right time, with our medical team we prevent that nothing has been unseen and we include you. As a member of our team we hope to take the lead together with high spirits. This system is unique to you, next to your doctor in charge your personal coordinator plays a key role. To understand the integrated and coordinated system you may summarize the organization chart of a patient with lung cancer. Medical Oncology The Department of nuclear medicine provides diagnostic and therapeutic procedures with up-to-date equipment; two variable angle SPECT cameras, a multi-slice PET/CT scanner and urea-breath test machine. As a part of the Comprehensive Cancer Program we treat our patients with our advanced radioactive treatment, antibody therapies and radio-embolic therapies.